VL53L0X Lidar "Bad lidar heath"

I attached a VL53L0X Lidar via I2C and set parameters according the wiki section of this lidar module.

The measuring i can see in missionplanner is correct and very precise.(+/-1cm). No I2C errors.

Despite that i get the message “Bad Lidar health”.

Is there any workaround for this ? (Copter 3.6.1)

Any chance you could provide a log? I suspect the issue is the RNGFND_MAX_CM needs to be reduced to 160.

Thank you rmackay9 for your answer.
I obyed the wiki, so i set RNGFND_MAX_CM to 120cm and i found that value reasonable. Above 120cm the lidar doesn’t work anymore at normal reflection of the ground.

Honestly, i don’t know how to find such messages in a log, so here it is for you:

Edit: There seems to be an issue uploading a 20MB file. Doesn’t work. Sorry.
Is there a way to shrink the size of a log, so that upload works ?

ok, finally i made it. Here’s the log.
log1.bin (430 KB)
had to cut it after 430kb (otherwise upload didn’t work), so landing is not included

For large bin files use dropbox or google drive or any other cloud service you are using and post just a link to it here.

Sorry, i don’t use such cloud services for good reason !

ok, here’s a full log of an indoor flight. Mission Planner shows “Bad Lidar health” almost all the time, although the lidar readings are quite good imho.