Visual Odometry: Out of Memory


I am using ardupilot with gazebo so I have iris drone in gazebo env. I want to take off the iris without gps so I have robust odometry topic then I publish the odometry topic to /mavros/odometry/out name and the frame id and child ids are correct. I face the error when odometry recieved the ardupilot it shows Visodom: Out of Memory. So there is no hardware all things run in docker container what the point I couldnt understand with the out of memory error. Some sources advice to use visodom used firmware update but again this env is gazebo. ? How can I solve the problem ? When I use px4 autopilot publishing /mavros/odometry/out is enough to provide odometry to the drone

And what board are you using? F405 boards have quite limited memory, you may have to disable some other features to enable visual odometry.

hi @LupusTheCanine thank you for asking but as i mentioned before there is no board I run all in gazebo env.

the following command is wake the system up. -v ArduCopter --console --map

so how can I disable other features ?

That’s really weird, AFAIK SITL shouldn’t experience out of memory errors.