Visual Object Tracking

I am interested in a visual object tracking system. I currently use a Pixhawk based quadcopter drone utilizing the Tower app and APM Planner groundstation control programs.

Currently Go Pro and Flir Vue Pro gimbal mounted camera systems are in use.

I was hoping to be able to use the tracking functionality with both the Go Pro and Flir Vue Pro camera systems.

Point to point minimum distance, approximately 60 feet to a maximum distance of 1/2 mile if possible. . I would be tracking objects in motion from the size of a man up to the size of a passenger car or truck. Facial recognition is not needed.

I use the Tower app for drone control and streamed camera viewing, which is running on a Galaxy Tab 4 tablet and sometimes a Galaxy S5 Active smartphone for backup in case I have a problem with the tablet. Both are Android devices.

Is there an existing solution available for this use case?

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Hi @hawkeyeuas,
Any updates regarding this issue?? I am also looking for this Camera with 20MP sensor capable for my drone, like Dji drones. One good camera that I know is Dji Osmo pocket 2. This camera is excellent, but not to be installed on droneā€¦ It does not have Hdmi output or pwm controlā€¦ So, anybody in this group may have knowledge about this issue? Please adviceā€¦ Tks.