Virtual Robotix uBrain 5.2 support for Ardupilot

Has there been any update for the firmware with this board? I still own two of them and they great little boards. What is the current firmware version? (edit; seems Copter 3.2.1!).

Has Ardupilot support for these boards effectively ended?

I assume it will not be ported to CHIBOS but will we see another update to the Mission Planner builds? How hard is it to compile yourself? I know it has a different architecture so I assume it is not just a matter of compiling.

I notice it is still for sale.


We are a lot waiting for an update…

Latest available is 3.3.4.



Can we compile from master? I saw that Luca did a ton of updates to master in Feb this year that Tridge merged.

I emailed Luca to see if he had an update.

Luca replied. We can compile current binaries. It seems Make still works fine on these branches. Great. I can now fly all my uBrains again.

Reply from Luca follows:

We have a branch for Copter 3.5.5 here

To build for vrbrain you have to use make (make vrubrain-v51 or vrubrain-v52)

The last stable is Plane-3.8.4 but today I have created Plane-3.8.5 also!

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I will have a try with your files. I hope it compile well with make on Ubuntu.



I normally use WAF on Ubuntu but I can use Make on windows as well if need

Marc – did you manage to compile using WAF in Ubuntu? I have had little success with Make in windows.

No success: g++ (C++ compiler) : not found…

I have some work in progress with Navio2 OctaQuad-X and EmlidEdge Y6. As the weather is fine, I try to fly-tune-experiment…


I have emailed Luca to see if he can make Plane and Copter binaries for us. Will post them here when he replies.


I have µBrain 5.1 and VRBrain 5.2

I could change the µBrain to 5.2 but I’m accustomed to 5.1 features.

With generic Plane and Copters binaries, it is easy to change configurations and there are less binaries to compile.



Both my uBrains are 5.2 actually. I think there were some benefits to doing
that. But I do not think that that change was an Ardupilot firmware one was
it? I had to flash a new boot loader as I recall.

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Luca is building firmware for VR Brain and uBrain and will post them here. Give him a day or so to finish.!RJdU3J6S!rfX0BfR6p7omks-3EMZcmg

Good news,

Thanks for your help and Luca’s work.



Compiled binaries (Arducopter 3.7.0dev) for VRBrain cards are in the firmware section.



Are these using Chibios? I thought Nuttx was deprecated now.

Is Plane also available?

ChiBios on board. Loaded custom firmware .apj with Mission Planner.




Ok. So I see that VRBrain are back in the auto build system. Looks like Plane now also has dev firmware available. So we have to flash Chibios separately first using MP and custom firmware and then we can load the firmware hex file?