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VIDEO CLIPS WANTED for Ardupilot promotional video

(Tiziano Fiorenzani) #1

If you have any video or stories about your experience with Ardupilot, flying, programming, laughing, having fun, researching… That’s the time to share.

I am trying and putting together one or more videos to promote Ardupilot, especially for the next Interdrone.

Share the link to your video, together with name, company and even a short story if you want. I will credit the clips I will use in the description.

I hope you will answer the call

(Antonio Reis) #2

I hope you can use them:


Caipirinha Force I
F450 with Pixhawk

I have a high resolution video if needed.

(Tiziano Fiorenzani) #3

Awesome, thanks. If you have any with you setting up the system as well

(Kurt shaw) #4

You might find something you like here most are solo videos 3karma you don’t want them.

(Av8Chuck) #5

We have hours of footage. We use the X2 and X2.1 with Ardupilot in all of our aircraft for industrial inspection. We mostly shoot photogrammetry with a Sony A7RIII, blend it with LiDAR and our own custom INS GIS data.

I don’t check this site as often as I should so if your interested in anything you should email me at

Utilities Inspection

Working with US Navy - Man Overboard Test

Testing New Coaxial Motors

Working with Homeland Security, Coast Gard, and Long Beach Harbor to detect explosives and nuclear material.

This video starts out the same as the Man Overboard video but its different starting at 32 seconds in and shows a lot of different types of missions.

(Antonio Reis) #6

The flight over the mountain “Monte Crista” was very special for several reasons.
A place with many stories, and many people believe there is an entrance to the “Inner World” on this mountain…

It was 6 KM of walk to the camp and the highest point and of about and 1,000 meters of altitude carrying backpacks of about 20Kg of equipment.
The weather was not good when we arrived and we had to wait a day to do the filming.

But it was worth the work and it was a good time with the family and the footage was fantastic considering the drone was made by my own hands.

The assembly was very simple and the camera used was a GoPro 5 Session.

I had built 2 almost identical Drones and at the end of the trip I donated both so that they can still make many trips in this magical land.

(Antonio Reis) #7

I used some 3D-printed parts to make the Drone stronger and take the ride to the top of the mountain.

(Antonio Reis) #8

(Tiziano Fiorenzani) #9

Your story is great! Thanks for sharing

(David Boulanger) #10

Ardupilot, Mission Planner and Antenna Tracker.

(Jakob Schmidt) #11

(Tiziano Fiorenzani) #12

@DroneForce, your company name is Caipirinha Force I ?

(Antonio Reis) #13

No. It’s just the Drone name :smile:

(Tiziano Fiorenzani) #14

What is the company’s name?

(Antonio Reis) #15

Hey mate.
There are no company involved.
It’s a home build just for fun.

If you need I have the high resolution raw videos.

Best regards,
Antonio Reis

(Olivier Brousse) #16

I thought when I saw them that these two videos on YT were really good:

ICUMI: UAV3000 running Ardupilot chase videos

This BBC video recapping the Outback challenge (with most contenders running Ardupilot) also includes some great segments featuring winners Canberra UAV and Tridge:

Blood collecting drone challenge aims to save lives - BBC Click

See also

As with all copyright contents you’ll need to ask before to make sure they are ok with it if you decide on using though.

(Tiziano Fiorenzani) #17

Thank you all for sharing, as for now I have posted this:

(Bruno) #18

Arduplane auto takeoff

(Bitdog LLC) #19

Going to have video of this bad boy doing lawn missions!

(Tiziano Fiorenzani) #20

Vincent, you really know how to have fun! Link a video of this thing in action, can’t wait to see it