Vicious Crash Log 12S X Class

Maiden flight on a 12S X-Class running Orange Cube, APD 120 amp ESC’s with 13" tri-blade props.

Check out the video for the crash.

Upon inspection after the crash, I noticed the machine screws on motor 3 mounting plate (the motor in the 10 o’clock position) was stripped out–the motor and mounting plate was detached from the arm without any signs of damage from impact. I’m thinking it lost support during flight so I looked at the logs, expecting to see motor 3 going to full throttle in order to correct but didn’t see anything that would suggest this.

This is my first time using Ardupilot so I’m very curious to see what ya’ll see here in the logs.

So far, I’m looking at RCOU C9-C12, ATT DesRoll and Roll for hints.


Have you carefully followed all steps stated here?

Double posted.

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