Vibrations (no notch filter configured) irrespective of PID Tuning

The quadcopter built by the team has been causing vibrations and wobbling irrespective of both manual and successful auto tuning. There seems to be a stable flight right after the autotune, but later the copter becomes unstable, giving jerks.

The specs for the the quadcopter are as follows:

Propeller size: 30*10.5

Esc: Flame 80A

Motor: Antigravity MN 8014 kv100

The logs and parameter file is attached below:

Please help me in figuring this out

Remove the Access requirement.

Done, access permitted

Not much to go on in that log but you should have configured the Notch Filter before running Auto Tune and 1st try with Aggression at default (not .07). Update to latest Stable version and set these and make another hover flight in AltHold to collect data to set the filter. Disable the 2nd Notch Filter for now.

Looks like you need Current logging also.

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The peak frequency came up to be 64Hz. What would be the steps to implement further?

Depends on more than just that. Post a link to the log file.

I have uploaded it on the drive with the name ‘logs.bin’

No point in Running an Auto Mission hence the suggestion to make a Hover flight in AltHold. And you didn’t set the PSC parameters. Also, set the Mask to 1. The peak to address may be at 32Hz which will pick up the 62Hz peak but a simple hover flight will determine that.
And you didn’t update to latest Stable. What did you do?