Vibration calculate for the Flight controller

i have seen that most of the people referencing the vibration in Mean value not the peak it most of the time hitting while its flying through the entire flight range . is that right ?
for example:
Z vibe is most of the time hitting about 90 but mean value comes around 18 for the entire flight.

Who are most of the people ?
All experienced users look critically at the peak value. Peak is king. Not mean.

The only time I wouldn’t worry about vibrations hitting 90 would be when the vibration could be attributed to some significant external event; namely the drone being hit by a planet. In that case there’s probably bigger issues.

If the peak z vibrations are reaching 90 in flight then you’ve got work to do. Forget the mean.


Or a Goose, which happened to me. Messy…


Yeah, that would certainly be a case where peak vibration levels wouldn’t be my biggest concern. Organic flying objects and man-made flying objects don’t mix well in my experience.