Vibration analysis to predict abnormality in the drone

Hello guys, :hugs:
Wondering if there is someone who already worked on (or even interested in) vibration analysis of drone.
I’m working on predicting the drone’s vibration. & I’m also interested in analyzing the vibration’s variation to detect abnormality in the drone.
I’ll appreciate if there is some extra docs that can help.
thankiiis :v:

yes, analysing logs to look at abnormal vibration is part of the workflow of some ArduPilot based vendors, particularly those needing high reliability (eg. delivery systems where flight is over populated areas)
what specific scenario are you interested in?

Also MissionPlanner shows the EKF and Vibration status text (in red if needed) and you can click on them to get a live graphical representation. Obviously telemetry to a groundstation is required.

THe main thing i’m looking for is detecting the specific abnormality based on the Vibration recording, the IMU RAW or the GYRO.
the second part is trying to have a live sensing while mission, and detect through some analysis whether the drone is acting normal performing the mission or not.

thanks shawn,
the work is mainly on board the drone, but that could be useful :v:

Am I understanding that you are wanting to look for specific frequencies or their harmonics to look for drive line failure, I suppose if you know the RPM of your motor and all your gear ratios you could look for vibrations at specific frequencies to detect failure but I think that would take a lot of flight controller resources to do something like that live internally, I know something similar is used in food factories to monitor machines for damage to prevent metal fragments.

Thanks. & Yes in a large view that what i’m trying to achieve, but taking in account that the solution should be able to work depending the UAV type forces me to look for a more general solution. (how ever i’m taking your idea in count.