Vertical Oscillations in Loiter mode

Hi, I have been attempting to tune a quadcopter , but having problems with vertical oscillations in loiter mode, and instability in high wind. The quadcopter configuration is below:
All up weight: Without payload : 10kg , With payload: 15kg
Motor/ESC: Hobbywing X6 pro with 23 inch prop
Battery: 12s 16000mAh
Autopilot: Cube Orange
LOG file: 2024-01-13 12-47-07.bin - Google Drive

What i did :
Reduced the position control parameters and tried, but still the vertical oscillations are more during altitude hold.
Help me for a good tune and good stability in High wind conditions.

With Regards
Vinay K R

Because nothing is much right with the configuration and the tune is terrible I would; reset to the Initial Tune parameters, disable FFT, disable the notch filters (doubt you need 2) and start over with the Tuning guide:
Tuning Guide

Hello ! @dkemxr
I have followed the tuning instructions and documentation before, but i really dont know where i went wrong.
I will reset to initial tuning params and start from first tomorrow and post a log file.
Do guide me with the process🙏🏻
Thank you!

That Blog guide is meant for even a 1st time user of Arducopter. Work your way thru it and if then you have questions certainly post them.

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