Verify drone crash due to motor failure?

My Tarot650 with Pixahawk just crashed, I believe because one of the motors fried. Attached is the flight log, can you help verify that the motor was the ONLY reason of this crash? I am looking at RCOU channels 1-4, and it seems like C4 went bad.


Thrust loss on motor 2 not 4.

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Thanks, can you explain a bit further how you figured this out?

RCout’s are command signals so if there is thrust loss that output will go to max. Typically then the opposite arm will go to minimum in an attempt to stabilize the craft. Then it’s Return To Earth due to lack of overall thrust.

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Thank you.
May I ask- now I have replaced the busted 4114 320KV with a new 4014 370KV motor. While keeping the other 3 motors at 4114 320KV. Do I have to edit any parameters in ardupilot wrt to this new motor?

I did some bench tests and throttled the motors around- visually everything looked good. Here are the logs:

That’s not a good idea to mix motors and there is no “compensation” you can do with parameters. I think stability will suffer. I would either find another direct replacement or replace all motors.

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Thank you. I am replacing all motors. So I am assuming I just replace the motors and calibrate the compass and imu on the drone and we should be ready to fly- aka no motor specific parameters to change in the software?

Yes, that’s right. A compass calibration is probably all that’s required but an Accel calibration won’t hurt.

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Thank you, appreciate the advice!