Velocity direction vector for the copter

Hi All,

I want to get the movement direction for the drone so I guess I should look for velocity vector. I have found two packets which provide that information :

As I have noticed, each one of them provides different values from the other and I did not find it accurate. Any suggestion about this issue?


Local position ned gives you floats with m/s units
global position int gives you int16 with mm/s units

Those are different, but the physical velocity values should be similar.
If not… please post the telemetry logs

Thank you!
You are right. I did another test and noticed that the difference between them small (because of the data type).
I have another question related to it. I want to get movement direction vector and I tried vx,vy,vz but I do not think it is accurate. For example, when the drone was flying in heading direction (I sent 0.25 velocity on x), the velocity was vx:0.261502 vy:0.168375 vz:-0.079229 (meter/sec) although There was no movement on y or z. What do you think?