Vectored Tricopter but with only one motor during plane flight


I’m building a SkyHunter 1800 Y Tricopter but I’m willing to try something different. I’m planning to have all 3 motors tilting and during horizontal (plane) flight I would like to have only the rear motor turning or to have the ability to manually turn the front motors on and off on the radio.

I’ve been looking for this solution on the internet for the past days without success, so any help will be very welcome. I really want to keep the source code tampering as a last resource :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for the attention and sorry if this was already debated somewhere I didn’t find.


I think you might be looking for something like this? @tridge may be able to direct you on the preliminary setup. You may also check with the Nimbus Tricopter VTOL forum.

Good luck.

Thanks for the feedback!!!

My motor setup is very similar to these 2 above except that on horizontal flight they keep all the motors powered and I’m looking for a way to shut down the 2 on the front. - Correction. The first video he shutted down down the motors via radio - perfect.

The Nimbus Forum is the reason I’m here! :wink: It’s my daily read.