V3.7 out of DEV?


This is mainly a question for the DEVs, but is there any guess as to when V3.7 will come out of DEV and into an official release state?

As a side question, is there any place I can find release notes of the existing V3.7 to know what’s different from 3.6.10?



The release notes are on a file on the root of Arducopter, but only for release versions.

Dev versions like the future 3.7 have no plan yet of features and when the fork for 3.7 occurs a specific release notes will be created. The amount of new features on master is so large, with some complex features added that giving a rough estimate of what will be available is not realistic at the moment.

Timeframe will also depend of what will be targeted to go on 3.7
@rmackay9 I think I covered the gist.