V-tail mixing Pixhawk

Well one question is normal that in FWA only one rudder(v-tail) move down/up I follow instrucions on the wiki but it say that both

I have same problem, any idea how to solve ?


I have exactly the same problem.
Wiki says:
Roll plane right----->Both vtail surfaces go left
Roll plane left----> Both vtail surfaces go right

When moving the plane in FBWA either to right or left just one of the rudders move in the correct direction but not both of them.

Actually the problem is how it is written in the wiki, one moment it is up and down and then it changes to right and left, I was also confused, one thing that is not noted is that you shouldn’t do any V-tail mixing in the radio.

I would recommend putting a visual representation for it, I believe it existed previously but was removed for some reason.

On this video you can see how it should move, it is for an older firmware (3.7 I believe) but the movement should be the same.


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This video should be on wiki !