V Tail and Ailerons

Hi, Newbie (to V Tail) question…

I’ve lots of experience with delta planes and elevons but not much else. I’m trying to setup a new V tail plane but don’t quite understand the mechanics.

I’ve followed http://ardupilot.org/plane/docs/reversing-servos-and-setting-normalelevon-mode.html so the two V tail servos plug into channels 2 & 4 but there’s no explanation of the ailerons. Do they both simply plugin to channel 1 via a splitter?

I’m pretty sure it’ll be obvious to me once explained but someone please explain in singe syllable words.

Thanks, Tim

I fly a V-tail with Channels 2 and 4 controlling the rudder-elevators, and channels 1 and 6 controlling the two aileron servos. Will this work for you?

Thanks hunt0r. That sounds good. Did you set the SERVO6/RC6_FUNCTION to 4 AILERON ?

Yes, almost. I have it set to 18, which is “AileronWithInput” (if you’re not familiar, see http://ardupilot.org/plane/docs/channel-output-functions.html?highlight=rc6_function)

I plan on using it for surveying so it will be on Auto most of the time, even for take-off and landing, but I may test on Manual mode so WithInput may be a good idea. Thanks again.