V Hexacopter frame


Can someone tell me if with arducopter I can configure a V hexacopter?

Put a distribution of engines in V.

Thank you

Photo available… ???

I am not familiar with this frame type, but there was a similar thread a couple weeks ago: What setup should be used for this type of drone?

It sounds like you might need to slightly modify the motor positions of the H frame to match your configuration (assuming yours looks like that one).

Thank you for your answers.

Indeed, it’s like the Octo V that shows the Anubis link, but my idea was to make a Hexa.

I have consulted in other posts and I came to the conclusion that it is a programming task too complicated for my knowledge.

Taking into account that the drone will carry cameras worth more than € 5,000, I do not want to take the risk of programming any bad parameters.

Anyway, I think that a frame in V both hexa and octo, are the perfect solution for frames intended for industrial inspection. They allow a very good viewing angle, and substantial weight savings if the gimbal yaw is disregarded.

Thank you all