What setup should be used for this type of drone?

Any ide’s what frame type should be used for setting up this type of drone?

It looks like you will have to add it in AP_MotorsMatrix.cpp file.

Not sure how to do that!

google is your friend, but here it is:


So this is an FRAME_CLASS=OCTA and FRAME_TYPE=H but I am pretty sure you will need to adapt the existing source code in AP_MotorsMatrix.cpp#L507 to fully meet your custom build.

Many thanks, a bit beyond me at the moment. Looks like some studying will have to be done!

I believe in the version 2.5 there is this frame. The frame is registered by a German company Volo Copter for a patent

Thanks Rainer, I’ll look into that. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: