Using UART2 to output FrSky telemetry along side Mavlink on UART1

I’m trying to follow this guide:

I’ve got the hardware hooked up exactly as it is in the pixhawk pictures except I’m using an HKPilot 2.7 (ArduPilot clone). I soldered the pads on the back of the board to turn the spare I2C port into an extra UART port. That should be UART2. The UART2 port has vcc, telemetry output, telemetry input (not connected) and ground all connected to the FUL-01 telemetry converter chip the same as the picture in that tutorial.

I’m using a D4R-ii with a DJT module in a Turnigy 9XR Pro. I’ve used telemetry here with a quadcopter with a naze32 board before with good success. At the moment i can see RSSI and TSSI but nothing that actually comes from the Arduplane.

I have SERIAL2_PROTOCOL set to 3 (Frsky D-Port)
I have SERIAL2_PROTOCOL set to 9 (9600 - apparently what the telemetry receiver uses.)

How can i check that the FrSky telemetry is actually being sent down the UART2 port? Has anyone tried this before? According to this post here, it shouldn’t be hard.

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Interesting topic , But can we apply it with arduplane 3.4 ?

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