Using the Custom Firmware Builder to Enable Cross-Firmware Modes

Hi! I’m looking at the Custom Firmware Builder, and I see that it has the option to enable ‘Copter’ modes on the ArduPlane firmware, and enable ‘Plane’ with Quadplane support on the ArduCopter firmware. When I build these, I don’t see any notable differences in the firmware, meaning I don’t see any Copter modes on Arduplane, nor any ‘Q’ parameters or other plane parameters in ArduCopter. Are these options just dummy parameters, and don’t actually result in any change, or is there something I’m missing. It would be very helpful for our specific use-case to be able to either get a few Copter modes on ArduPlane, or enable Plane parameters on ArduCopter.

Those options are just dummy parameters, and don’t actually result in any change.

Bummer, is there any other way to solve our issue? We’re trying to create a drone that can somewhat easily go between Copter and Plane modes, and we found that QHover doesn’t work great while testing indoors (it goes straight into the ceiling), but AltHold on Copter works great, so we were hoping to find a way to use that mode instead, while still being in Plane.

The only solution I see is that you improve your QHover tuning.
If you have a VTOL vehicle you need to use the ArduPlane code.

Ah okay, thanks anyways!