Using RTK instead of Barometer

So I have a working rtk system, and I wanted to know if it’s possible to use the data coming from the rtk instead of the barometer for heights

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Following with great interest

Yes, the autopilot will do that automatically. Provided the RTK data is of high quality. No need to change anything. All you need is a very good RTK antenna, very good base station, and a stable low latency link, for the RTCM injection stream.
If one of these is not working at 100%, it will not work.

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I should use srtm data to help,right?

You MUST use high quality RTCM data. SRTM data is not needed at all.

Right now, we only have barometer and rtk gps, with good quality, our doubts are in identifying the ground, and how the ardupilot uses heights.

Like the way the drone is right now, it is a cube black and has two gps for heading, and is also receiving corrections from a fixed base. If we try mission plannning, if we say to takeoff to 5 meters, this height is above the launch, or above ground?

it will be above takeoff point