Using rangefinder horizontally

Is way point on mission planner only restricted to aerial maps? What if I want to move the drone up and down within a certain area to scan the surface of a building instead of the aerial view described in the wiki?
Note a lidar will be used for scanning.

Tl:dr- need to use range finder horizontally to scan surface of a building instead of setting way points on mission planner. How do I go about this?

G’day Sulaiman,
MissionPlanner supports 3D flight planning. The easiest way to do this is through the waypoint editor, which is the spreadsheet looking part of the Flight Plan screen. To set a vertical component of your mission, just put 2 waypoints with the same Lat/Long values, but with different Alt(itude). An easy way to make a vertical scan/survey pattern is to use the map to drop waypoints that mark each vertical component, then duplicate each of them in the editor, and alternate the floor and ceiling altitudes. Good instructions for using the waypoint editor are here:
Using the rangefinder horizontally is described here: