Using parachute on aux 5 (servo13) while using dshot

Hello everyone,
This is my first post on here. I’ve been flying with ardupilot for a very long time. I started with the apm 2.6 and now I’m on the Pixhawk. It is a radiolink brand. I have a question.
Previously I was running pwm for my escs set up on outputs 1-4, with my parachute servo connected to aux 1 (servo 9). I know this was working because I had the unfortunate event of it showing me it worked :). I have now decided to go with some new motors and dshot esc’s. I am using aux 1-4 for motors and have (4) selected for dshot150. Motors are working fine. I moved my parachute to aux 5 (servo 13) and set that servo for “27” for parachute, but it doesn’t respond. Ardupilot makes it seem like any aux port can be used. Also, I do not have the parameters set to 6 for using more than 4 aux as a motor output. Any help would be much appreciated. Either I can fix it or I’m moving back to pwm and moving the chute back to servo 9