Using OptiTrack with MAVProxy is giving these errors


I am using a PixHawk 2.4.8 with Optitrack’s Motion Capture System for Non-GPS Navigation with the help of MAVProxy. However, after following Ardupilot’s documentation, I get this error in console:

PreArm: Gyros Inconsistent
PreArm: VisOdom: not healthy

Can someone please help me in troubleshooting this?

Re-calibrate the gyros.
Disable visual odometry, get the drone working without it first.
Add follow all steps of How to methodically tune (almost) any multicopter using ArduCopter 4.4.x

Thank you for your reply.

I am in an indoor setting and the GPS doesn’t work inside due to interferences. I am not sure how can I test it without getting the positioning data from Motive.

Calibrate it outside with a GPS receiver.

When done remove the GPS receiver and connect indoor navigation system

Is there any other way to make it work other than calibrating with a GPS receiver? The weather wouldn’t allow it at least for sometime.

I was able to see the positioning on Motive’s sample application. It’s like the GCS isn’t receiving it.

Yes, there are other ways, but they are not documented and not really tested.

We had it working with the GPS the first time but the drone was drifting a lot due to the interferences. That’s when we decided to try out the indoor navigation systems like Optitrack.

I just made some parameter changes as suggested by the guide on but it doesn’t seem to work.

@amilcarlucas Thanks for your help. I fixed the issues using MAVProxy documentation. However, after multiple test flights, the drone is drifting a lot.

Use the link I posted above to fix those drifting issues.

Okay, I will. If you can direct me to a specific section, that will be great!

@amilcarlucas Can you advise any steps for tuning with Optitrack once the copter is tuned for GPS and then setup for Optitrack?


  1. ALL sections of that document are relevant.
  2. Tune it well got/with GPS
  3. Remove GPS and configure it for no GNSS receiver
  4. Attach Optitrack and configure it.
  5. Fly and have fun.

So I have completed those steps but there is a problem with step 5

Something is wrong with the position data, it is working for Yaw and Altitude in Alt hold, but the copter will fly erratically when in Loiter. It also will try to fly to an incorrect position when trying to “land” ( should be straight down) after a battery failsafe.

Any help is appreciated.

We need .bin log files


please see my topic here, bin is there too.