Using GPS time for waypoint


We can get the world time from GPS.
Can we use this to time our arrival at WAY points?

No, not with the current code. But you can ass that functionality using lua scripting.

Thanks. I’ll try lua script.

I think you could do a work around with the delay command with UTC time:.

Support for the Delay command was added in Copter-3.4

Vehicle will remain at its current location until the specified number of seconds has passed or the absolute time is reached. The first column (“Seconds”) holds the number of seconds to delay. Set to -1 if this field should be ignored. The “hour UTC”, “minute UTC” and “second UTC” fields can be used to specify an absolute time (UTC). The example above will cause the vehicle to take-off at 1:30pm UTC. Note that the hour and/or minute field can also be ignored by setting them to -1.