Using DSHOT telemetry in takeoff mode


I’ve built a VTOL plane but it’s a lot of hassle and I fly “classical” planes. I do hand launches, usually using the takeoff mode, and it’s tricky. It works… almost always. But sometimes there is not enough thrust, an adverse wind gust and… the plane hits the ground at the full power. Not nice. Quite often the problem is caused by a battery sag, and testing if enough thrust is generated is very difficult. So why not use the DSHOT telemetry to this aim?

It would be great to have some extra check conditions (minimal power and RPMs generated on each motor, and equal thrust on both sides in a twin). This could be an safety check: if for example the expected parameters are not reached in two? three? seconds since activating the takeoff mode, then the motors are switched off. Otherwise, there is a beep and a LED impulse (or an aileron movement, so that it’s possible to recognize it), and the pilot then releases the hold… and we fly (hopefully!)

Of course the general telemetry based on the current/voltage PowerModule sensors could also be used.