Using ArduPilot SITL with Unity

Hey everyone,

I am pretty new to developing with Ardupilot, but based on reading on site and in the code overview, I am looking to build something like what AirSim1 SITL has with unreal engine, but using Unity instead. I want to make a custom environment in Unity with a drone which is going to be controlled by Ardupilot togglably, possibly having a Mavlink connection open on a port. I know AirSim has a experimental Unity build, but I am not sure if and how I can use that for my usecase. I am looking for any help/advice/guidance that can help me with building this sort of a system.

I know this is a topic that has been brought up before (Notably here: previous discussion) but that discussion was more on integrating it on a surface level by linking up mavlink through using This is a valid method, but I am hoping to integrate Ardupilot through AP_HAL to the physics engine in unity.