Custom SITL Simulation with Unity


I am trying to replace the in-built SITL physics simulation with a custom one written in Unity (with ArduPlane in mind), but I’m finding it to be quite difficult so far.

I found no specific documentation regarding the MAVlink messages passed between the SITL applications and the simulation.

From what I understand, the entire launch sequence compiles and launches several applications via new terminals with a number of passed arguments. Which makes it harder to pin-point what I need to modify to make it work.

Also, it feels like the documentation is outdated since I saw no packets sent at ports 5501 and 5502 when running the SITL. That being said, for some reason, sending dummy packets to 5501 does confuse the simulation somehow.

All in all I would appreciate any help, guide-lines or tips on how to tackle this task.


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I have very similar plans in mind, but have also been very confused by the same things: the startup sequence, lack of 5501 and 5502 traffic, and MAVlink message format.

Any luck solving the problem yourself?

No need to talk mavlink just to simulate the physics, the JSON backend it recommended for new implementations

Did you get any further on this?