Using Ardupilot on a large gas fuel engine UAV

Sorry if my question is silly . I wanted to know if it is possible to use APM on a UAV with a large non-electric UAV? what modification should i do for that?

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I think every thing will work well ,

except that you can’t get some information such as Motor temp ,Fuel Level measurements Coz ardupilot not support that yet ,

Other members may give you perfect answer and more info .

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Flying a 33% clipped wing cub with s range of 2 stroke gas engines (35cc to 70cc) on 3.6.

I for the life of me can’t find how to hook a rpm signal into the AP. Doing EFI tests and the ecu puts out a 50% duty cycle pulse that matches engine speed one to one.

I think there could be some improvements to the code to better support IC powered planes. Engine enable output, if engine dies while flying set up and try to land… if the canbus has a protocol established for receiving engine data I could taylor the ecu messages to that format.

Thanks Ryan


I’ve added support for automatic motor start, ignition control and starting IC motors after takeoff for quadplanes for the upcoming 3.7 release.
You can see a demo video here:


I have the same question

have read here

set your servo function in your prams file

and if you have a starter you can set up ice

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