Using arduboat to scare birds

I spotted a familiar sight on a laptop, is it anyone here? 6:09

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Looks like it’s been discussed here, at least briefly:

Mapping a lake with ArduPilot - Blog - ArduPilot Discourse

Very cool application of the tech!

Greetings all. We (FIT) built and operated all the UAV and USV’s shown in that video. Do to client confidentiality we are not permitted to be on-camera or give interviews for the visit. You can see some of my guys operating the vehicles in some of the shots…


you should look at the new AI cameras, you might be able to train the boat to chase them automatically with a horn.

Greetings GeoMuir,

Do you have any links to camera or systems? This could be very interesting. Thanks!


I have been looking at AI cameras for my rovers to help avoid people and pets but when I seen it could also detect birds with its out the box dataset it reminded me of this thread, I am waiting for one of the cameras to arrive, my plan is to interface it with mavlink to set vehicle speed depending and send warnings to the groundstation Identifying the object but you could use one on the boat to identify and follow birds. or an array of them around the water to give better coverage. You would probably want to eventually get a custom bird specific dataset for better results.

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