Using a custom MAVLink message in Mission Planner

I have been trying to create a new MAVLink as described in Adding a new MAVLink Message which I did and managed to recompile successfully the ArduCopter using the command ./waf copter. (I assume this will generate the firmware that I will use later on mission planner).

As I understand from various posts I now need to recompile Mission Planner by adding the same message to ExtLibs\Mavlink\message_definitions\ardupilotmega.xml and update mavlink via running regenerate.bat.

My question is how to use the copter I compiled before?

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Upload your firmware into a FC and check in the MAVLINK Inspector tool of MP if your message is arriving.

Bruno thanks for your reply.
I found the answer here Connecting Mission Planner to SITL in VirtualBox.

Basically --console --map --out=udp:XXX.XXX.X.XX:14550 does the trick.

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