Use Pixhawk with out the SD card

Hi all ,

I am using Pixhawk with AP 3.4 for long time using SD Card for data flash logs .

but I see some people using it without the SD card when I remove the SD card the pix can’t work

I don’t need to use it any more , I will always have the Telemetry log

Dose there any parameter that control the use of SD card ?

thanks in advance .

The SD card stores the dataflash logs and the terrain data. I’ve never heard of flying without it, not sure it will work. Just curious why you would want to?


I know that but I was wander when I see some people work with it without SD .
I want to give it a try .

what about using SD Card but without recording logs ?

curious, where do you anticipate crashing so you don’t want the logs on the SD card? :smirk:
either way, you can disable logging in the log_bitmask