Use of ArduCopter without autopilot

Hi everybody,

I would like to know if it is possible to run ArduCopter on a raspberry Pi zero with all the sensors connected to it to get rid of an autopilot like pixhawk4 or navio2?
I made a lot of google research about that and I was not able to find any answer.

Thank you!

Navio 2 is a set of sensors with some interfaces. (Raspberry Hat).

You will still need to compile an Arducopter Raspberry application suitable to your project.

Yes, it is possible. And AFAIK that is what Navio2 is doing, providing all the required sensors to raspberry PI

Done that a few years ago

Good for learning, but I would not recommand it as there are many Flight Controllers much more robust and powerfull. We are recommending the Flight Controller & Companion Computer combo for anyone interested to add specific features. Please note that you can now script in LUA some functions on the larger FC.


thank you everyone for your fast answers. So now, let’s go to more practical questions:

  • How can I configure Arducopter before the compilation?
  • Can I use mission planner as well if ArduCopter is installed on a raspberry pi zero?
  • If I want to add functions to the autopilot should I use another raspberry as companion or can I run another programm in parallel of ArduCopter?

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Is it possible to run Ardurover code on RPI Zero in your opinion?