Use 3 position camera switch without loosing video function?

Hi everyone,
I cannot belive that there is no solution but I could not find one. I already have two copters with that problem. Both have a camera that is controlled by a 3 position switch.

High: Take picture
Middle: Stop/do nothing
Low: Start video

Ardupilot can automatiically take pictures when I set minimum to 1500us and max to something between 1800 and 2000us. But then I cannot start recording videos anymore. Also not manually. When I set minimum to 1000 or 1200us, automatic picture taking is not possible anymore because the camera always needs some time to stop video and take a picture.

Is there a way to set up Missionplanner to be able to use video function manually and take pictures automatically?

Thanks you

Really no solution for this? There was a similar topic but it looks like the creaters are not active there anymore Mission planner camera trigger setup issues