USB Power - problem?

Hey folks

I came across this in the copter documentation when setting up an additional serial port for a bluetooth module and it has me a bit worried:

" The micro USB port (aka Serial0) is used to connect to the ground station using a USB cable. This should not be connected in flight because the flight code assumes that if it is receiving power through this port that it is on the bench and some failsafes (i.e. battery failsafe) are disabled."

On my current build, I’m using a Pixhawk 4 Mini - which is great btw - and that uses the USB power rail as it’s redundant supply and I have a seperate bec connected for that reason. Is the statement above still true in 3.6.7 ?? If so I’ll have to change the way the power redundancy works on the copter.

Sorry if this has been asked before, but the only threads I could find were about possible conflicts from connecting both at the same time - but the PH4 Mini is specifically designed to work like this.