USB GPS to connect to MP for Copter Follow Me Mode

I would like to try the Copter Follow Me mode as described here.

Unfortunately none of the GPS receivers listed as having been tested successfully, are available any more.

Does anybody have a link to a USB GPS unit that they know will work ? Probably useful if it was uBlox based but for now anything that definitely works would be great, particularly if it is available quickly in Australia.

If we find something then somebody might be able to update the documentation above to include the available GPS units to help others.


You can use any GPS you like with a USB to serial converter like the PL2303.


There was a TTL to USB converter in the Here+ RTK system I have, along with a cable which allowed me to connect a Here 2 GPS to it. I was able to see a GPS position via the U-center software, but not nearly as much information as there was for the Here+ base station when I tried it. The baud rate was also 115,200 not 9600 like it was for the base station.

I tried to use the Here 2 and USB converter in the Mission Planner Follow Me window without success, despite setting the baud rate to 115,200.

Note that it did work using the Here+ RTK base station receiver on 9600 baud but that is a very expensive option to give a student !!


Years ago before I had a tablet with integrated GPS I used an 7M module that has a USB port. But any GPS USB module with a Ublox chip should work. Like this one for example: