Uploading Log Files(Ulog or .bin) to Server or Cloud

Hi Folks there,I require assistance with setting up an automated process to upload log files from a Pixhawk(ulog or .bin) device to a cloud server via an Raspberry Pi. At present, I am using the RPanion server to download the log files, but I need a solution to both download and upload the files to the cloud. The ulog files can be obtained from the Pixhawk device via USB or UART. My objective is to enable remote viewing of the log files from any location. Therefore, I am seeking guidance on how to configure the RPI to automatically upload the log files to a cloud server of my choice. Any suggestions or advice on this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

You could just download them into a directory that is automatically replicated to cloud.
Both Onedrive and Dropbox clients can do this, others may too. You would just have to configure the sharing permissions, or someone else may be logging in with the same account.

ok i got it,can you provide me any repo or complete library that is compatible with raspberry pi and it download the ulog or .bin file from pixhawk automatically to rpi directoty?