Unusual Vibrations, Quad that tries to kill me

New build, the quad copter pulses, what is this??


This is a Quad, has had many auto tune sessions, this vibration is new. In the logs are three separate short flights, one of which the drone shot up before I could get it under control.

Explicit video here.

Start mode is stabilize, the beep in the air is a switch to poshold, the rest is just shear terror.

Not sure where you started from before running Auto Tune but it did not give you PID’s in the ballpark for this craft. Thrust to weight is high but the PID values are all low with a result like this:

Start over with the Tuning Blog. Suggest Throttle referenced Notch and disable FFT.

On any craft if these parameters Auto Tune lower than default you can typically be assured of a bad tune:

I had to change out the ESCs but I was not sure that doing so would cause a re-tune. I very much appreciate your help! I’ll have to have a good stiff drink before I do the auto tune crap again :frowning: Tuning is difficult for me.

And you will need to fix this Yaw bias. It’s bad:

Tuning is a lot simpler with Releases · ArduPilot/MethodicConfigurator · GitHub

Try it out.