Unusual Climb in Auto Mission


Here is the build Info and image of the copter (Post)

So the mission only has 3 simple things to follow:

  1. Takeoff at 100m Altitude
  2. Go to a Waypoint at some distance (100m Altitude)
  3. Go to another waypoint and Land

So while going to the LAND waypoint the copter climbed 21m in altitude
Now I am confused since the desired altitude also went up. (Log attached at the bottom of the post)

Any ideas why this might have happened?

Gdrive Link for LOG : Link

Hi @MindProbe,

Yes, the issue is that when a Land command is executed that includes a Lat, Lon the vehicle will always use terrain following to get to the lat,lon.

This probably undesirable behaviour has been there for a long time but somewhat strangely another user reported this as well a few days ago and we’ve resolved it in “latest”.

In the short-term if you replace the Land command with two commands - a waypoint to the desired lat,lon and then a Land without the Lat,Lon specified it should work OK.

We can add this fix to 4.2.3.

Txs for the report.

That’s Great!

Thanks for the reply