Overlapping Propellers

I have an agricultural hexacopter frame
I want to use T-motor Antigravity MN1005 v2.0 with 32" propellers
But the propellers are a bit longer than the frame would support and I cant extend the arms due to transportation constraints.

So I was thinking about turning every alternative motor face downwards. This way the propellers will be in a different horizontal plane with each other. The vertical offset between the planes is about 120mm.
Will the propeller overlap introduce instability in flight? Has this sort of arrangement been done before?


It’s been done. I’m familiar with a large quad used as a paraglider booster that had overlapping props. There was non periodic z vibration but it was manageable.

Not sure it will be at all helpful but use search here for “paraglider” you will find some info.

Some images in the posts are deleted somehow but I figured that paraglider didn’t use any stabilization, it was only taking forward propulsion.

And regarding those non-periodic vibrations, will those affect noise tracking of FFT-based notch filter?

I will try the build and keep this post updated. Hoping everything works out.


The paraglider quad was released when the pilot was propelled to desired altitude and flew back to home so it was “stabilized” like any other multirotor.

Working Good

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