Unknown GPS Glitch exprience

This is my first time experiencing a scenario flying my drone in my backyard. I calibrate my compass every time I want to fly my drone outside then this happened. it was on AltHold mode then it suddenly weird behavior of my drone I tho it was just a wind because of that time. it was kinda windy but I 2nd attempt to test again my drone and it does this it goes by itself it goes crazy behavior. but I manage to land it before that happened but it crashed on my mother’s flower put gladly it didn’t go boom it only the propellers are damaged.

This is a video link that i recorded with OBS my Mission Planner.

There is no need to calibrate the compass every time you fly, if you fly in 50Km vicinity of the point you last calibrated the compass.

Compasses are inconsistent probably because you have not disabled your internal compass.
GPS glitched probably because it is mounted too close to other electronics or did not have and unobstructed sky view.

I advise you to read the documentation more carefully.