Unidentified beep sound

My Pixhawk 2.4.8 with ArduCopter 4.2 is suddenly showing a strange behaviour:
When plugging in the battery, Both power LED’s (FMU and IO) light up green, the IO.B/E LED light up orange and the IO.ACT LED slowly blinks blue. Then, for about a minute and a few seconds, nothing happens. Then, The Pixhawk emits the following beeping code:


I checked the sounds here and here, but couldn’t find that particular code.
After all that, the startup progresses normal.

Everything was working normal. The last thing I remember was starting the ESC calibration via Mission Planner. When I unplugged and reconnected the battery, this behaviour occured.

I swapped out this Pixhawk for a spare one which works, but I really like to know what happened here.

Thanks in advance.

that just sounds like esc calibration mode. you set it to esc calibration mode, then when it restarts it goes into esc calibration mode.


No SD card sound, may be.

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And that’s the solution. I did have an SD card in there of course, but it was broken. Replacing it with a fresh one, everything is back to normal again. Thanks a lot!
I completely forgot there even was an SD card in there. I should have checked that first. SD cards usually already break when you look at them too stern and this one was quite old.

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