Unhealthy GPS From GPS2

Hi I have ubx-g60 GPS USB module and it sends NMEA messages,
I write a script that sends all of its message through serial port and connector which connect
to my pixhawk 6C board GPS2 port but in mission planner i see the message unhealthy GPS signal i configure GPS type to NMEA(5) and serial baudrate to my target serial still i modify baudrate and frequency but still this message appear in mission planner.
I want to know how do i fix this problem

How exactly is your GPS connected the GPS2 port?
Is your GPS showing a fix?
Which NMEA messages you are using?

i connect with GPS socket exactly GPS one connector and i send "GPGGA,GPGLL,GPRMC,GPVTG,GPGSA

Can you log status of your GPS2 port. Is it identfying a GPS connected?

yes i have my gps status and in the HUD i see 3d fix but my gps still not healthy