Unexpected Quad-Plane Yaw During QLand


I’ve had a few landings with my Quad-Plane recently where the following has happened:

  1. The aircraft is flying at its nominal airspeed with pitch and roll nearly at 0 and at an altitude appropriate for VTOL landing.
  2. I command QLand.
  3. The aircraft powers on its VTOL motors and slows down.
  4. The aircraft yaws in order to return to the point where QLand was commanded.

I would expect the aircraft to keep its nose into the wind with weathervaining rather than yawing 180 degrees and flying in quad mode to the QLand point.

During flights where I’ve used QRTL to land, the aircraft does not exhibit this yawing behavior. Rather, it pitches back until it is at the landing point and then descends. Why is this yaw behavior exhibited in QLand? Is there a parameter similar to WP_YAW_BEHAVIOR in Copter that can control this behavior?

Thank you!