Unexpected behaviour during GPS loss

Hi everyone,

I’m researching the drift EKF3 would have during GPS failure according to the IMUs used.

I’m currently comparing a CUAV X7 Pro and a CubeOrange. The X7 Pro has a much better IMU (ADIS16470), but the drift seems to be much more rapid than the one observed on the CubeOrange. Parameters seems to be the same on both systems.

My question would be : What parameters should I look to tune to allow the EKF to trust the better IMU more during an aiding sensor loss?

Thanks for your info!

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Did you do IMU temperature compensation on both IMUs?
Look at the EK3_*_MSE parameters.

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Yes, compensation has been done on both IMUs.

The noise parameters have been set (or tuned to) to those figuring on the datasheets…

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Can you post the graphs of the off-line IMU calibration?

Can you post the EK3 noise parameters that you changed, and only the parameters that you changed.