Uneven servo output

I am having some trouble setting up my drone. :sob:

I have the drone set up on a bench and the horizon reads level on mission planner, but the server outputs are uneven.

I am running a Pixhawk 4 mini with Arducoper 3.6.7

Here is a video of the servo outputs: https://photos.app.goo.gl/3nMh7E54tUvu88Yq8

Why are the servo outputs uneven? and how would I go about debugging this?

That does not work like that. It is a closed loop. the motors are only even if the copter is flying. if the copter is on top of a bech, the motors have some irrelevant values.

The drone leans back when I throttle up with props on, I was hoping this was the issue :sob:

Can you think of any other reason for the drone to lean back on throttle up?

Is the center of gravity in the geometric center of the frame ?


Ive check for the usual suspects.