Understanding PID logs: Does 'Act' is P + I + D values?


I’m trying to figure out the PID tuning in my drone analyzing the dataflash log. The hardware is a Pix4 Cube with arducopter v4.0.2. After export the log to .mat, there I’ve been checking PIDR, PIDP and PIDY matrices. The labels says ‘LineNo’, ‘TimeUS’, ‘Tar’, ‘Act’, ‘Err’, ‘P’, ‘I’, ‘D’ and ‘FF’. I suppose that Act is the output of the PID, the actuation, so it should be the sum of the Proportional-Integral-Derivative actions. However, the sum of P, I and D in my matlab workspace do not match Act signal. How should I interprete these data?

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Out new logging documentation has not made it to the copter wiki but it is the same as plane


We don’t actually log the overall output of the PID but it would just be P + I + D + FF

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Thank you so much Peter!