Understanding of variables and units

Hi Community,

I’ve got an issue with the correct understanding of used variables like ACC1, GYR1, CURR, BARO, ATT and so on. With the help of this forum and other external sources I managed to have a glimpse understanding of what kind of information is logged with the specific variables like this easy example CURR_Curr or a more sophisticated like ATT_Pitch.

But now I am confused with ACC1 and IMU_Acc, which when I understand correctly, does the following:

  • ACC1_AccX = raw x-accelerometer value of IMU, logged in 1000Hz
  • IMU_AccX = down-sampled x-accelerometer value of IMU, logged in 50Hz

What I don’t get, why are the absolute values for the magnitude so different? For ACC1_AccX the amplitude is between 35 and -50 and for IMU_AccX just -3 and 5. Even though can someone please give me the proper units? I guess for IMU_AccX it is m/s². What is it for ACC1?

Thank you for your help