Underpowered hexacopter not taking off

@viisshnu If you look at this bundle kit, they package it with 750 kV motors and 12x5.5 props. You’ll need to get yours close to but not to exceed those specs.

Good luck.

The motor description you gave is identical to these:

They come in a 750kV version…

Thank you Andre/Dave/Yaros/Amil . Do you think ESC with 30A and 6S lipo and 13.4 prop be sufficient to atleast take off ?
At this stage I want to atleast see it fly.


I posted about that above. Again:

Perhaps you could go as high as 2.8kg.

There are motor/prop/esc combinations that Alibaba sellers are offering ontop of the Tarot 690 frame that drop my jaw. Yes, they’re cheap, but rarely is there one that would at least seem to be able to take to the skyes. I convinced a guy I know to ask for refund, then he at least negociated for some BlHeli32 escs in place of the ancient Atmega8 Simonk ones in the kit, and I was able to lend him a 6S pack so he could take off and fly. Badly. Couldn’t do all three axis of Autotune in one go.

Generic “Simonk” ESC’s wrapped in red or yellow shrink tube.
No name motors with collet prop adapters, some of them Inrunner’s. These here look like the terrible motors that RC Timer used to sell. Maybe they still do.
Plastic props.
An APM Flight Controller that has been obsolete for 6 yrs.

Lot’s of foul bait around for the unwary. Unfortunately it seems the purchase is made and then the Ardcupter Wiki or forum is found.

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Yeah, should be illegal to sell some of these combos :laughing:
We’ve bought plenty of cheap parts, and find out how they work and interact before upgrading to better higher-quality parts - but parts that just will not work together for the intended purpose are a total waste.

Hi @viisshnu,

Regarding your current setup, my suggestion will be to replace your motors by 2312A-960KV and also use a lighter battery 3S ~8A

That power system configuration is totally wrong.

Your ideal configuration is:

4S 5200 to 10000mAh Lipo
4006 740Kv motors (Don’t even think about using Tarot 4006-620Kv BTDT).
1355 props.

To get optimum flight times keep the Take Off Weight (The weight of the aircraft in a flight ready configuration) BELOW 3200 grams.

I have some 5010-750Kv motors and they cannot match the performance of MultiStar Elite 4006-740 Kv motors.

What motor battery and ESC config shd I hv to take about 4 lbs camera?

Here are the specifications for a STOCK Tarot 680 Pro with a 4S 10400mAh battery:

TOW(g) 3248
Battery Capacity (mAh) 10400
Number of Cells 4
Battery Weight (g) 895
Battery Energy Density (Wh/kg) 171.9776536313
Number of Motors 6
Hover Thrust per Motor (g) 541.3333333333
Motor Efficiency (g/W) 8
Expected Flight Time 22.7467980296
Flight Time with 20% Reserve 18.1974384236

680 Pro Bare Weight (No LiPo) 2353
Turnigy 4006-740Kv
13" x 5.5" CF Props
X-Rotor 40A OPTO ESCs
Pixhawk Flight Controller
915mHz Telemetry
FrSky X8R
Tarot ‘Small’ Retracts
SJ4000 ‘clone’ camera
2 Axis Gimbal w/8bit SBGC
Tattu 4S 10400 15C
Craft&Theory Telemetry
OLED Display

The camera and gimbal weigh 340 grams.

To carry 4 pounds of camera you are going to need a much larger frame with at least a 6S battery (probably in the 16,000 to 20,000 mAh range), powering something like 5008-300ish Kv motors swinging at least 17" to 18" props.

Check your props direction I use hex x.

Use 14, 16, 18 props for your size motor. I tested Gartt motors they have a good price point.

Brandon, mate, a Tarot 690 can’t accomodate props bigger then 13".
With the matching ESC, the 5010-360kV could swing a 16x5.5 on 4S for a very nice efficiency back in the days of 8-bit ESCs and frequent desynchs.
Regardless of shoddy bearings and a too thin shaft for the size, they were my first motors swinging big props back then. Prolly like 7 years ago.

Just to inform you about my older model 550 Hexacoter with a total wheigt of 4.1kg (4095g)
30 Amp Hobbywing ESC - 6X
SunnySky 3108S 900Kv - 6X
Turnigy 8000mAh 4S - 2X (16000mAh)
9 inch 3 Blade Propeller HQ 9X5
Payload: Gimbal + GoPro Cam.

About 2 years ago did last Autotune, nothing changed since.
I have flown several long missions. No Problems.

This has become quite the entertaining thread.

Those cheap motors on 12S with 9" props and if you fly fast while filming with your 4lb camera it won’t catch fire.

In my case 4S and 3 bladed 9" props. Motors and ESC are not getting over heated. I can backup everthing I wrote.

I Don’t doubt it. I wasn’t replying to your post Fred.

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I stretched my 680 Pro so I could swing 15" props.

AUW (g) 3641

Battery Capacity (mAh) 10000
Number of Cells 6
Battery Weight (g) 1220
Battery energy density (Wh/kg) 181.9672131148

Thrust per Motor(g) 606.8333333333
Watts Per Motor 61.33
Motor Efficiency (g/W) 9.8945594869

Expected Flight Time 36.1976194358
Flight Time with 20% Reserve 28.9580955487

680 Pro Bare Weight (No LiPo) 2421
X-Nite 5010-350Kv motors
15” x 5.5” CF Props
X-Rotor 40A OPTO ESCs
Pixhawk 2.4.8 Flight Controller
915mHz Telemetry
FrSky X8R
Tarot ‘Small’ Retracts
SJ4000 ‘clone’ camera
2 Axis Gimbal w/8bit SBGC
Multistar 6S 10000mAh 10C

I also have a stretched 650 Sport Quad swinging 17" props:

AUW (g) 3591

Battery Capacity (mAh) 10000
Number of Cells 6
Battery Weight (g) 1200
Battery energy density (Wh/kg) 185

Number of Motors 4
Thrust per Motor (g) 897.75
Watts per motor 84.753
Motor Efficiency (g/W) 10.5925453966

Expected Flight Time 39.290644579
Flight Time with 20% Reserve 31.4325156632

Aircraft Dry Weight (No Battery) 2391

Tarot 650 Sport Stretched to 682mm
Pixhawk w/GPS
3DR 915mHz Telemetry
TIY-Motor 5008-335Kv Motots
T-Style 1755 CF Props
Tarot Retracts
FlyTron Navigation Strobes
Craft&Theory Telemetry
6S +12 volt BEC
6S +5 volt BEC
OLED Display
3 Axis Gimbal w/ STorM32 Controller
GoPro Hero 3+ Black
Tarot “Carbon Look” Canopy
MavLink OSD running MWOSD
200mw FPV Video Transmitter
RHCP Clover Leaf Video Antenna
MAUCH HS Series 100A Current sensor.
MAUCH 2S-6S +5 volt BEC.

I bought these ESC Turnigy Multistar 20Amp V2 Slim BLHELI Multi-Rotor Brushless ESC 6S .
Since I am under budget, I am still using 5010-14 360KV Brushless Motor.

Do you think the ESC are sufficient to run off Youme power 3300mAH 6S battery at 22.2v ?