Underdamp roll and aggresive pitch in 30inch propeller quadcopter

We build a 30" propeller quadcopter. We first manually tune the drone so that it will ready for Autotune. I did Autotune for several times even after I enable notch filter and again did Autotune but the results are same. Our frame is stiff enough so that vibrations never occur. Here I attached my log file of the flight .
Please share valuable suggestion to us.


Have you followed the methodical tuning Blog post?

You should not enable the notch after the autotune, you must enable it before the autotune.
And there are lots of steps that you must do before autotune. Explain exactly which ones you have done.

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As you suggested we tried methodical tuning for the copter. Here I attach the log file of the baro compensation flight in which you can notice during the time stamp of 1:42:03 to 1:42:18 the vibration of z axis is so high and for that time period our drone get heavily unstable. Please suggest your valuable suggestion for us. Are we doing any mistake then please notify us. Upon the flights we conclude the notch filter frequency and setting that up.


IMU temperature compensation (section 2.1) has been skipped
The IMU target temperature should be set higher than 45 deg, because looks like you are flying in a warm clima.

The magfit has not been done correctly. I improved yours:
MAGFit(1).param (1.4 KB)
Why are you using the third (internal) compass?

The notch filter is throttle based, that means it is heavily dependent on a correct MOT_TRST_MIN and MOT_TRST_EXPO parameter, if those are not spot on, the filter will not perform well.
Anyway I improved it a bit:
filter.param (369 Bytes)

There might be other steps you have skipped as well, so I just stopped analyzing here.

Please go back and start from scratch, post the edited diatone_taycan_mxc.zip .param files here, that will allow us to easily see what you have skipped, or not skipped.